How to Get an HMS Email for My Student Group

Every HMS/HSDM student group is qualified to request an HMS email for their student group (i.e. 


If you would like to request one for your student group, simply email HMS IT ( with your student group’s name as well as the desired email address.


These email addresses can be accessed through Outlook, similar to our personal HMS emails. You are able to connect your HMS email to Google so that you can login to a Google drive, calendar, etc. with the HMS email. This will not give you access to gmail. To connect your account to Google, follow these instructions: 

  1. Go to

  2. Create a new google account

  3. In the space asking you to fill in a username, there is an option below that says “Use my current email address instead.” Click that box and input your HMS email.

  4. Finish the registration process and you should be able to access Google services using your HMS email.


Do note that while you are logged into Outlook with this email, you won’t be able to access other sites that require eCommons identification (i.e. Canvas). You will need to log out of the email so that you can verify your personal eCommons identification. 


Any question specific to creating these emails should be directed to HMS IT ( If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the VP of Operations by sending an email to